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Moonshine household Gorilych "Economy" - Export

Moonshine household Gorilych "Economy" - Export
Moonshine series "Gorilych" Economy in the export, "luxury" variant-is an excellent solution for making delicious alcoholic beverages at home. Simple but reliable design of this device is completely flat floor, making home brew you can cook on the gas, and the glass-ceramic plate. Excellent performance and perfect appearance - and what is necessary, is not it?

   All models are manufactured in the factory with automatic welding. So if you buy moonshine get factory warranty for one year. You can do this right now, "CHZDA" online store, where a wide range of this series of moonshine at a low price.

    Comes device for cooking brew at home with a cooler flow type, so no additional configuration and skills dealing with this type of devices. A safety valve provides process security, and flat bottom is ideal for use on home stoves.

    Reviews of moonshine series "Gorilych" Economy confirms the high quality and ease of operation range, so you can checkout confident that soon will be able to indulge yourself and your loved ones with elite alcoholic drinks own cooking!
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