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Moonshine household Gorilych "Column" - Export

Moonshine household Gorilych "Column" - Export
    Moonshine Gorilych "Column" Export - it's proven technology in the preparation of alcoholic beverages at home. Reliable and at the same time, the simple design of stainless steel, the presence of flat bottom and a reflux column together allow you to quickly and easily prepare delicious homemade brew the highest quality.

    Most reviews of moonshine Gorilych "Column" Exports are extremely positive. This is not surprising, because it can be used to prepare the traditional drink - rum, brandy, whiskey, etc. on the long-known recipes and create your own!

    And this is already a good reason to buy moonshine in "CHZDA" online store. In our catalog you will find the entire range of this series in a wide range at a low price. Each model is made in the factory equipped with a safety valve, so when you purchase you receive a warranty of one year.

    Call, write, order moonshine Gorilych "Column" Export - and after a few days you will be able to enjoy the elite alcoholic beverages that will prepare yourself!
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