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Affordable distillation equipment "Premium" Export

Affordable distillation equipment "Premium" Export
Moonshine Gorilych "Premium" - Export

     With each passing day more and more people reveals the desire to master the art of making high-quality alcoholic beverages at home. This is not surprising, since the quality of store alcohol, including beverages, belonging to the category of elite, leaves much to be desired. Sent to a sales point for buying whiskey, brandy, cognac or liqueur, you can not be 100 percent sure that will get really decent drink.

     Therefore, in order not to risk their health and well-being of their loved ones, reasonable people today are ready to drink at home. Online store offers CHZDA do it with maximum comfort. Here you can buy moonshine Gorilych "Premium" - Export, which proved to be reliable, productive plant for the production of the purest spirits in a short time.
Benefits moonshine Gorilych "Premium" - Export

     Moonshine Gorilych "Premium" - Export - factory production CHZDA devices, which are characterized by a high degree of operational safety. Their design is optimum for the manufacture of large amounts of alcohol (2 liters per hour) using a simple and affordable raw materials. One of the main advantages of this installation is to simply walk away - construction machine collapsible, so you can make high-quality cleaning elements using conventional detergents and equipment when necessary.

     Another advantage of this line moonshine - absolutely flat bottom. With this design, the device can be placed on any surface without fear that in the manufacturing process it will lose its stability. The basic material for the production of moonshine Gorilych "Premium" - Export to the steam drum and cooler uses high-class stainless steel, wall thickness of 1 mm. This not only ensures absolute safety and purity of the final product, but the relative ease of the assembly.

     The safety valve which is equipped with the machine, makes the process of cooking a favorite alcohol as simple as possible. A low cost of installation makes moonshine practical, profitable and enjoyable experience.
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