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Terms Affiliate program CHZDA

Terms used in the Regulations:

The organization - the beneficiary of the shop: "CHZDA" Ltd., VAT number 7448193069
Shop - site http://chzda.ru/
Program - Affiliate Program Shop
Agreement - an agreement with the Partner Organisation, a legal entity
Partner - Affiliate Program
The Commission - a monetary reward Partner
Goods - the nomenclature presented in the Store
The buyer - the visitor Store
Order - Buyer's bid for the commodity
Purchase - Bookings, paid by the Buyer
Delivery - the cost of the cost of transporting the goods to the buyer

What do I need to participate in the Partner Program CHZDA?

1. Shop is looking for veblanserov, owners of Internet resources on various subjects, focus and character, administrators, social groups, and affiliate programs. Develop programs for our specialists Partners provides favorable conditions for each participant.
2. In order to take part in the program, you must register and accept these Terms of cooperation. For rights participant of potential partners you need to specify your personal information in accordance with the requirements of the official site http://chzda.ru/ (CHZDA).
3. enterprises and companies (legal entities) wishing to participate in the Program, you must leave the details of the legal entity for the conclusion of a cooperation agreement on a fee basis.

Who we are excited to see?

4. Participate in the program can all comers.
5. Co-operation not allowed Internet portals with content or graphic content that advocate violence, and encourage participation in activities that are prohibited by current legislation of Russia.
6. Store the Administration has the right to refuse participation in the Program, or to cease cooperation with partners who share content in the process has changed and no longer meet the requirements of Russian legislation. Also, a natural or legal person may be excluded from the program if it is pointed out irrelevant data for communication or to share it for a long time there is no access.
7. Restore the rights of the participant programs only after the complete reduction of Internet resources or data to the said Regulation.

Our obligations and rights

8. Organization guarantees the fulfillment of its obligations in relation to the Buyers Shop, Program Partner of other partners (within Multilevel Program).
 In addition, the company guarantees:
9. The proper execution of the order of registration procedures for payment for goods or services of Shop, delivery order, return order, warranty, and other procedures.
10. Enabling activities to provide partners with information about orders and purchases of attracting customers to control and the effectiveness of advertising.
11. Payment of the Commission an individual (partner), led customers into the store, the amount of which is determined within the limits of the public offer, or (in the case of cooperation with a legal entity) signed a cooperation agreement.
12. As the organizer of the Partner Program, Shop reserves the absolute right to refuse the applicant in the Partnership registration, without giving reasons that resulted in this decision.

The rights and obligations of Partners

13. The programs on their own and at their own discretion placing advertising information about the store and (or) goods shops.
14. The shape, number, location and condition of stores and (or) advertising his product is determined by the partners themselves.
15. The Partner Program have the right to use all material stores with reference to the source containing the information
16. Program Partner has no right to use the materials, goods and services are not intended for use within the program (shares, coupons, sweepstakes, etc.), Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement.


17. Each partner has the right to expect to receive the Commission in the amount determined by the terms of the public offer, or according to the terms of the Agreement. The total amount of the Commission is calculated in percentage and depends on the amount of orders placed by the Buyer, the involved partner.
18. Partner can expect to receive material compensation in the amount of the Commission only if the buyer visit the shop on referral links Partner from another source (teaser links in social networks, forums and so forth.) Partner with a personal code or otherwise, specified in the agreement.
19. Partners participating in the Programme, the Commission will automatically be charged only in case of purchase.
20. Orders are transferred to the status of shopping after the payment of the order by the Buyer.
21. The Commission calculated only on the cost of the goods. The calculation takes into account the Commission did not deliver the goods to the Buyer and the cost of insurance.
22. For the Commission's partner in a private office Store places an order for withdrawal of funds on the basis of their balance sheets generated automatically according to registered Downloads referred to it buyers.
23. Shop shall pay to the Commission within ten working days, according to the selected partner in the registration process for.
24. Payments to the Commission are made in Russian rubles.

Placement of advertising materials

25. Affiliates may place promotional material in the form of:
Referral links (on the home page of the Store category shop, articles and certain goods shop);
Catalogs and teasers;
Advertising banners;
Surveys and polls;
Reviews and articles;
Reviews and recommendations;
Other forms.
26. Do not install:
Advertising and information which is spam;
Adult and Dorofei traffic.

Confidentiality of data

27. Our company protects confidential information on partners and customers. To prevent the appropriation of personal information by third parties, the Organisation should take the following precautions:
To gather data, which are necessary for the conclusion of the agreement, as well as the fulfillment of obligations in relation to their partners and customers;
Using confidential information only to identify the second party;
It uses information for access to the Partner to the Programme;
Usage data for constant communication with partner notification in cases of change and adjustment of the program conditions.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by e-mail affiliate@chzda.ru