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Participation in the action

  • 12 October 2015
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Conditions of participation in the campaign "Take a video and win"
1. General Provisions
1.1. This challenging event "Take a video and win prize" (hereinafter - the "Action"), carried out according to the conditions set out below (hereinafter - the "Rules"), according to the rules established for the public promise of reward. The action aims to stimulate the realization of the entire range of products in the online store and retail stores, hereinafter referred to as the Regulations referred to collectively - Shops (Shop). The action is not intended to make a profit, or any other income. The fee for participation in the Promotion will be charged.
2. The organizer of Shares
2.1. The face that announced issuance of prizes (awards) in accordance with this Regulation, hereinafter referred to as the present Rules Organizer / Holder Shares is: "Global Trade", the address of the place of business: 454092, Chelyabinsk, st. Elkina, 84-B, 52, INN 7451357461, KPP 519001001, BIN 11337451012698

3. Dates Shares
3.1. The action is carried out within the period from 20 October 2015 to 31 December 2015 inclusive, including:
3.1.1. Stage 1 - Deadlines to participate in the Promotion: from 20 October 2015 to 20 December 2015 inclusive.
3.1.2. Phase 2 - Terms of winners among the participants of the action and the publication of the list of winners on the website chzda.ru: from 21 December 2015 to 25 December 2015 inclusive.
3.1.3. Payment of prizes to the winners: on December 26, 2015 to December 30, 2015.

4. The rights and obligations of the participants and organizers of the action

 4.1. To participate in the Promotion shall be permanent residents of the Russian Federation completely capable citizens of the Russian Federation over 18 years of age.
4.2. The shares are not entitled to participate employees of the Organizer, store employees, as well as family members and relatives of these persons. Persons who do not meet the above requirements, are not eligible to participate in the action and the right to receive shares of prizes.

5. Participant Shares shall be entitled to demand from the organizers of the action:

5.1. information about Shares in accordance with the Rules of Shares;
5.2. in the event that the holder of the prize - the prize of the relevant Shares in accordance with this Regulation.
5.3 .. Participants Shares are required to carry out all activities related to the participation in the Promotion and obtaining prizes, established by the Rules Promotions terms and order.
5.4. The organizer reserves the right to refuse participation in the Promotion and delivery of the prize to a person who, in accordance with these Rules shall not participate in the Promotion.
5.6. The organizer reserves the right to amend these rules to the mandatory publication of such changes on the site chzda.ru

6. The prize fund of the Campaign

These shares represent the following prizes Prize fund:
6.1. 1st place - 5000 rubles;
6.2. 2nd place - 3000 rubles
6.3. 3rd place - 2000 rubles.
6.4. Each of the prizes is awarded to only one of the winners of the Shares and the prize can not be divided among the winners of the Promotion.
6.5. Each of the winners of the Shares can only get one of the available prizes according to the results determine the winners.
6.6. for issuing prizes Organizer's obligations are limited to participants Promotions prize money, spelled out above.

7. The procedure for determining the winners of Shares

7.1. Winners Promotions held the composition of the jury from among the organizers of the action on the following criteria:
The appraisal report provided by the participants of the jury video footage Shares;
Evaluation results of the open voting on the site chzda.ru on the page with the published videos protesters.
Interim evaluation of the jury are not published and in the public domain are not available. The final decision of the jury and the list of winners of the Shares shall be published after the end of the campaign (according to paragraphs 3.1.2 of this Regulation) on the site chzda.ru page Participants of the action.

8. The order and timing of Campaign prizes

8.1. Presentation of the cash prize winners of the promotion is done in the period from December 26, 2015 to December 30, 2015 inclusive in person at the address: Chelyabinsk, ul. Artillery, d. 102, office 224 or by transfer of funds to the address and full name, said the winner of the Shares during the registration as a member of the Campaign.
9. The procedure of informing about the rules of the Promotion

9.1. Participants are informed about the rules of the Promotion by posting relevant information: Online chzda.ru, as well as other methods for choosing organizer of the action.

10. Other terms and conditions Promotions

10.1. In all cases not provided for by these Rules, the organizer and participants of the action are guided by the current Russian legislation.
10.2. Organizer assumes no liability to an entrant in the following cases:
10.2.1. of force majeure, directly affecting the performance of the organizer of their obligations and making it impossible to fulfillment of the Organizer, including floods, fires, strikes, earthquakes or other natural factors; mass epidemics; by public authorities, and other, independent of the Organizer objective reasons;
10.2.2. default (delayed execution) entrant its obligations under these Rules;
10.2.3. the impossibility of obtaining the prize Shares in the manner prescribed by this Regulation, for reasons not related to the implementation of the organizer of their duties;
10.2.4. for circumstances not related to the violation of the organizer of this Regulation, as well as for the actions (or inaction), as well as errors members (potential members) Shares.
10.3. Participants Stocks agree that all videos submitted for participation in the Campaign in full and in part can be used by the Organizer by any means, in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, including those listed in Art. Art. 1229, 1270 of the Civil Code, but not limited to the territory and for an unlimited period without paying for it participants of the action of any reward.
10.2.6. Campaign Participant agrees to the free use of all provided by the organizer of the videos and their placement on the Internet for an indefinite term.
10.4. To participate the following videos are not accepted in the Campaign:
Negative or repulsive content containing obscene or offensive images, as well as violating the laws of the Russian Federation;
Copyright belonging to a third party;
Works that do not meet category Promotions
10.5. All videos are hosted participants of the action on their own or on behalf of the organizer of the shares in the resource youtube.ru should be available for viewing during the whole period of the Promotion. When determining whether nedostoupnosti or delete videos, participating in the Promotion, in the period of the Campaign with youtube.ru resource by the participant or a third party on his instructions, the Organizer is entitled to exclude the participant from participation in the Promotion and to exclude it from the contenders for victory in the Promotion without any compensation and rewards.