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Information for wholesalers

Attention wholesalers!

"CHZDA" - Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus produces household moonshine (distillers) "Gorilych" and is looking for wholesalers and shopkeepers.

We are open to cooperate both with large and with small wholesalers.

Advantages of working with us:

- professional knowledge and experience — dozens of well-defined and embodied structures;
- the optimum ratio of price and quality moonshine "Gorilych" and related products;
- individual solutions co;
- prompt shipment of any transport companies;
- own engineering department and assembly workshop;
- the continued availability of the full range of products in stock;
- the possibility of changes in the design of moonshine;
- advertising and information support.



Moonshine «Gorilych» - this:

- Food polished stainless steel;
- flat bottom provides no ledges on the job of gas and electric stoves for;
- heat-resistant food pads of silicone ensures no odor and taste of the final product;
- the presence of collapsible steam drum – Bookmarks for flavoring ingredients and convenience during distillation;
- Thick-walled pipes of PVC food – no kinks;
- interchangeability of all components;
- factory warranty – 12 months.


Current special offers and promotions for wholesalers

Active cooperation of the wholesale department CHZDA with its partners will regularly offer their products with extra discounts and, in this, we are always happy to offer our wholesale customers moonshine "Gorilych" at very attractive prices constantly carried out in the framework of actions and special offers. Keep an eye on current special offers and promotions for wholesalers CHZDA or subscribe to the newsletter.


An application for a price list

Your request has been submitted and will be processed in the near future


After receiving your application you will be given a detailed offer and a wholesale price list for products "CHZDA".

In addition, the proposals wholesalers CHZDA technical service is ready to consider proposals for changes in the design of moonshine "Gorilych" in order to improve their consumer qualities.


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