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Having made the decision to buy a moonshine still, the starting distiller is faced with the problem of choice. The quality of the finished drink is given not by the loud name of the equipment, but by the definition of goals that you set for yourself and that will best suit your needs and abilities. The models of apparatus for the distillation of alcohol-containing wort and the production of distillate that are presented in the FARS shop can be divided into three main groups:

To obtain a classic sugar brew or preserve the distillation of the taste and aromatic nuances of the primary wort (grains, fruits, berries ...), followed by aging of distillate for cognac, calvados, whiskey and other drinks, a moonshine (distiller) is ideal. In addition, moonshine brewers are distinguished by higher productivity compared to burglar and distillation columns. A distillation column should be purchased when it is necessary to obtain alcohol of maximum strength and degree of purification and is considered the highest skill among home brewing experts when preparing vodka, liqueurs, tinctures and medicinal infusions. Brazhny columns take the intermediate place on productivity and allow to receive distillate of rather high fortress and with small presence of taste and a smell of initial raw materials.​
The main difference between the patented products of the brand "Gorilych" is the modularity of the nodes and elements, which will allow to satisfy the demands of both beginners and sophisticated professionals and realize any idea. Most of the models are made on the principle of the designer - the devices are easily supplemented with components and transformed depending on the goals. Starting with the simplest designs of moonshine and having gained practical experience of distillation, you can supplement your design with various nodes to implement your ideas. Pay attention to the overall dimensions of the model as an assembly and the possibility of using one or another model on various types of heat sources (gas, electric, glass-ceramic or induction plates).
Мы очень любим посетителей нашего магазина и счастливых обладателей нашей продукции марки "Горилыч". Вы воодушевляете нас работать над качеством и ассортиментом нашей продукции. Эти регулярно пополняемые скидки и акции на ассортимент магазина ЧЗДА специально для вас!
Если вы ценитель собственных качественных напитков и ответственны к расходованию средств — представляем на ваш выбор продукцию магазина ЧЗДА наилучшим образом соответствующую критериям: наилучшее качество — наименьшая цена.
В нашем каталоге вы непременно найдете наиболее подходящий для вас самогонный аппарат, бражную или ректификационную колонны, которые будет полностью соответствовать вашим требованиям, предъявляемым к производительности, объему и качеству конечного продукта. Продукция Челябинского завода дистилляционных аппаратов гарантированно обеспечит перегон сырья для крепких напитков, максимальную очистку и получение только качественного продукта!
The Chelyabinsk Distillation Apparatus Plant (FACTOR) is a core business that has established the production of moonshine, collapsible sucker, coolers, distillation cubes and other components of the highest quality category. Our plant of domestic moonshine "Gorilych" will satisfy the requirements of all customers. Our domestic distillers: high-quality, reliable, compact, completely safe, with a long term uninterrupted operation.

Want to buy moonshine in the store?
In our catalog you will certainly find the home-made moonshine that is most suitable for you, which will fully meet your requirements for performance, volume and quality of the final product.

All factory components are covered by a factory warranty. The sale of moonshine is carried out throughout the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan. Add our site to your favorites and follow our promotions: you can become a happy owner of a high-quality home-made moonshine at guaranteed low prices!

Factory moonshine "Gorilych" (distillation apparatus), distillation columns, coils, coolers, dryers, distillery cubes and other components will provide distillation of raw materials for strong alcoholic beverages, maximum cleaning and getting only high-quality and inexpensive product!

Order for moonshine "Gorilych" or accessories
Chelyabinsk Distillation Apparatus Plant (FAR) sells its products in this store. You can use the delivery service. It is carried out in all regions of Russia and Kazakhstan. You will not be difficult to make a purchase through this site of moonshine, because there is a convenient and intuitive interface.

You can compare several models of beer columns and moonshine with each other and choose the most suitable one. For each distiller are detailed characteristics of its design, configuration and capabilities. Reliable and inexpensive morale machine "Gorilych" is most profitable to buy through the official website of the FAQ: you get a product passport, warranty card, instructions, manufacturer's price and detailed advice on any question about the product and its delivery.

How to choose the best moonshine still
All models are made of durable food stainless steel. The parameters you need to pay attention to when choosing - this is the displacement, the performance of the unit and its components. Try to buy a moonshine according to the characteristics. Choose the best option for yourself. If you want to deploy a small home-made production, you will need a distiller with a large tank and high performance. Accordingly, the dimensions will also be considerable.

The presented units can be divided into 3 main types: distillers, that is, moonshine, mash columns and distillation columns. If during distillation it is required to transfer taste and aromatic nuances (wheat, grapes, fruits, berries, etc.), then it is more expedient to buy a distiller, which is also more productive than a distillation column. It is worth buying when you need a product of high purity and strength, but in moderation. Brazhny columns take the intermediate place and allow to receive distillate of high fortress with absolutely small presence of initial raw materials.

What can cook moonshine "Gorilych"
Using our moonshine, you can cook in the home almost all popular alcoholic beverages. Distillers are ideal for moonshine, whiskey, brandy, semi-tan, calvados, schnapps, and others. Recipes will allow you to fill the home bar with pure alcohol, vodka, gin, rum and tinctures.

The site of the moonshine shop "Gorilych" makes it possible to purchase devices for the manufacture of various alcoholic products at a democratic cost. Here you can buy malt, hops, seasonings, and various ingredients. You can experiment and create your own recipe or use time-tested recipes. In any case, your table will always be high-quality, natural, environmentally friendly products.