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CHZDA - production and sale of moonshine "Gorilych"

Press Release: Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus

Online store moonshine on the page you are now - a platform for the sale of products of the Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus (CHZDA). As is evident from the name, this profile company produces products that help to everyone to forget about the problems associated with the purchase of low-quality alcohol products.

Our goal:

Give everyone an opportunity to get their own, a good basis for the creation of different types of alcoholic beverages - from vodka to luxury liquors and liqueurs. You stop spending huge amounts of money on the purchase of spirits, of questionable quality.


Our mission:

Protect consumers from counterfeit, preserve his health, to ensure its equipment and accessories to get an environmentally friendly product at home.


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At the plant equipment is being moonshine production of high quality category. As a part of the team, to adjust release of such popular products as moonshine and distillation columns, successfully working team of professionals with rich years of practical experience. This wizard, with a high skill level. Through their coordinated work of the consumer receives through our online store are compact, reliable, easy to use products, which, moreover, have an attractive appearance. Plant Division moonshine running quickly, so that we fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Delivery is organized in all regions of Russia, including with payment on delivery.


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Our production allows to produce domestic moonshine and components made from durable materials, is completely safe and certified, meeting high standards of the modern market.


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The technical service is working on the development and improvement of production and domestic moonshine distillation column of different types. The marketing department carries out monitoring of the market, studying the needs of customers. The data we are studying, and always try to follow the trends that our customers remain satisfied with our unique offer and a comprehensive service.


If you are interested in buying a safe, compact, inexpensive home-brewed apparatus, steam drum, cooling, distillation cube components, oak barrels, and other related products for the production of domestic, high-quality spirits, call or write us! Consultants always answer all your questions.


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Today, production at home environmentally friendly product - vodka, for personal use is legal and widespread in Russia and around the world. We have created a place for you online, at any time of day and any day of the week can choose from catalogs and quickly buy products CHZDA.
Our special offers, promotions and bonuses will allow you to buy moonshine in the online shop at even more favorable conditions for you.


For you always:

  • the optimum range of vehicles, equipment, components and accessories;
  • model choice for performance, size, and other parameters;
  • prompt delivery throughout Russia and Kazakhstan;
  • choice of convenient payment methods, including payment on delivery (cash on delivery);
  • factory quality and the official manufacturer's warranty.


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Fixed assets and communication channels CHZDA:


Retail sales

Want to buy moonshine in the store? In our catalog you will certainly find the most suitable for you home moonshine "Gorilych"

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CHZDA produces and sells household moonshine "Gorilych" and is looking for wholesalers and shopkeepers

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