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Clean as a tear baby, or a few words about epyuratsiyu moonshine

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    Moonshine - part of the cultural and food traditions of our people. This strong drink is widespread in Russia as early as the fifteenth century. Today brew home-made by people from all walks of life, some moonshine became a serious hobby. Home brew made of very different products, there are dozens of recipes and methods of treatment. It is believed that a good brew a double treatment is superior to the consumer qualities of Italian grappa, Scotch whiskey and Japanese sake.
     Moonshine - is a useful hobby. Man self-sufficient high-quality drinks, does not disappear harvest at their summer cottage, to acquire new knowledge, discovering the fascinating world of creativity and boundless field for experiments and inventions.
Success secrets
     Prepare high-quality brew yourself a simple and difficult at the same time. Similar is the case with cakes of leavened dough. Someone thinks this dish riding culinary art, it is difficult for self-fulfillment, and someone puts the dough is easy and simple, not counting unusual. It's all about the secrets of skill, which many have lost over the years of the building of communism - socialism. Today, a person wishing to become a Distiller (! Moonshiners do not), you must:
  • seek out their own moonshine recipes in the network;
  • experiment;
  • to study such processes as epyuratsiya, distillation, rectification;
  • fail to learn from experience;
  • try again and invent their own methods.
     By itself, moonshine manufacturing process is not complicated, but in the final stages of distillation to get a drink substances that can significantly damage the quality and taste of the drink. To solve the problem in two ways. Either to agree to a large loss of mash and a small yield of the finished product, or learn how to clean. Cleaning moonshine or scientifically epyuratsiya - no simple matter. The total disposal of liquid fusel oil and ester-aldehyde fraction lead to deterioration of taste and loss of mineral elements, in other words, alcohol is "no." Without treatment we get turbid liquid with a specific sharp odor.
Traditional methods of cleaning moonshine
     One of the oldest and most proven tools moonshine cleaning is charcoal. Our contemporaries are also used potassium permanganate, but a hundred years ago it did not use.
     From the bad taste of the drink can be removed as follows. You must burn birch chocks, freed from bark, crushed coal in the ashes, sift it and mix it with common salt in equal proportions. This mixture must be lowered into the brew obtained by first distillation and push at least one day, the solution to stand at room temperature. Next, the liquid was filtered through cotton wool or cloth, can be carried out after re-distillation.
     To eliminate unpleasant pungent smell, as they say in the old days "evil spirit", you need milk. Take one part of the milk and six parts of distilled liquor, are mixed and distilled to transparency.
     If not to clean ash and charcoal, the brew must insist on it for about a week and several times per day shake flask, and then filtered.
     It was popular with our ancestors and cleaning brew using chicken eggs. In general, the process principle remains the same. The brew add the egg white and insist, shaking occasionally, for about a day. At the end of this period the precipitate formed on the bottom of the container. Further beverage to filter multiple times. The filtration must be carried out as long as the liquid is clear.
     Another way - freezing - was known in the times of Ivan the Terrible. The vessel with the brew should be placed in the freezer. At low temperatures, the water turns to ice and all impurities freeze to the walls of the vessel. In the "dry" balance we get enough fluid high-strength, which is simply drained into another container. On the basis of chilled vodka can be made home brandy.
The double distillation
     Improve the quality of brew is also using additional fractional distillations. The names of the "double" or "triple" moonshine say it including distillations, which has undergone a drink. For its preparation of the alcohol need more time and effort, but the quality is excellent. After the second cycle, we get pure distillate without odors and contaminants. It should be noted that the double distillation not only significantly improves the quality of fresh-brew, but also to "reanimate" the drink for a long time expelled.
     We offer everything you need for high-quality brew at home. The site CHZDA you can not only buy the necessary equipment, but also specialized books, as well as to get acquainted with the recipes. We revive the culture of distilling and are pleased that with the help of our high-quality product is born.


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