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Stainless steel fermentation tanks

Stainless steel fermentation tanks
In the tank for fermentation, the preparation, maturation and storage of berg and wine takes place. When making the moonshine, you first need to prepare a brew. Braga is the basis of quality moonshine, in the future it will need to be overtaken in the home-brewed device. For its preparation, you need a suitable container that you can build yourself, but it is better to buy a special container made with observance of all hygienic standards - from high-strength food materials and with chemical resistance, supplemented with necessary elements and accessories. It is important to observe the proportions of the elements and the temperature regime so that the fermentation process is maintained all the time. The process itself consists in the decomposition of sugar contained in the wort, under the action of yeast on the alcohol product and carbon dioxide. The first stage of fermentation is an active reaction: the temperature of the wort increases and a large amount of carbon dioxide is released. It is very important to prevent the entry of air and to ensure the release of carbon dioxide. For this purpose it is most convenient to use a tank for bragging with a hydraulic seal, which allows the carbon dioxide to escape.
In general, to prepare a brew, you need a sealed container, because alcohol fermentation occurs without the participation of oxygen. And also, as mentioned above, a fermentation tank with a hydraulic seal is necessary in order to remove carbon dioxide that is formed during fermentation (acetic acid synthesis occurs only in the presence of oxygen).
The next moment, in order for alcohol yeast not to die and not to slow down its activity, the temperature in the fermentation tank should be kept close to 30 ° C, neither more nor less. With an increase in temperature - the death of bacteria is imminent, with a decrease - the fall in activity. To monitor the temperature, it is best to use thermometers (thermal control). The material of manufacture is food stainless steel, which is absolutely harmless, durable and does not pose a threat to human health. If necessary, the fermentation tank can be equipped with all the necessary control and filling equipment: hydraulic seal, thermometer and ball valve.
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