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Bracket columns "Gorilych"

Using moonshine "Gorilych" can be self-sufficient in alcoholic beverages, which are in no way inferior to those that are on store shelves. Cost of vodka or brandy is a small fraction of the price tag in a retail store, the price is increased by several times and excise taxes.
     Production of household equipment for distillation and rectification of alcohol in Russia has progressed, modern technologies allow to receive pure beverage with excellent organoleptic properties. About bottles with muddy and unpleasant-smelling liquid can be forgotten - they were in the past, and mash column "Gorilych" will get delicious and inexpensive drink right in your kitchen.

Technology Features

     All processes for the production of alcohol can be divided for distillation and rectification. When distilling the resulting drink preserves the original taste of the raw material, so get cognac, brandy, grappa, chacha. When distillation feedstock is not important - it can be a home-brewed beer with sugar, potatoes, jam. In the rectification process will be selected only chemically pure alcohol in which impurities will not. But there was the equipment, which is a cross between the processes of distillation and rectification, it is called the mash column. Buy the appropriate volume of the device can be in our online store.
     It differs from the mash column distiller in that it has an additional cooling circuit, called a reflux condenser. It evaporating alcohol reduces its temperature, so a fraction with a low boiling point (fusel oils) are in Braga, without falling into the container of the finished product. Processes occurring in the dephlegmator similar division fractions in the distillation column, but does not provide so radically alcohol purification. For this reason, in the resulting beverage taste is slightly raw material used, not only alcohol.

Separate manufacturing of the equipment or the purchase of a factory unit

     Many enthusiasts made their own equipment for distillation, is no exception and the mash column. The drawing of the device does not pose any difficulties for men with secondary technical education. But if the hand is not metalworking shop with welding equipment, there is no reason to make moonshine. Buy a proven equipment much easier, it will pay for itself within a few months.
     Equally important is the issue of security, any equipment for the distillation of alcohol is actually a small pot in which it is necessary to provide emergency pressure relief system. Self-made constructions are not always equipped with a safety valve, it is safer to use the factory mash column. Prices are slightly higher costs for self-manufacture as mass production is always cheaper than homemade.

The main characteristics of the family "Gorilych"

• Fortress resulting beverage can reach 92 degrees
• Maximum equipment performance - up to 2 liters of beverage per hour
• The diameter of the neck distillation cube 110 mm

To improve the quality of treatment and approach to rectification technology mash column "Gorilych" can additionally be used RPN Panchenkova or other fillers
     If spirits are sold in stores, not credible and is not satisfied with the level of quality, the best choice would be to buy your own distiller. Buy this equipment is not difficult enough to issue an order in our online store. All equipment provided official guarantee of the manufacturer CHZDA.
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