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Columns for capping

Columns for capping
Brave cap-columns will be of interest to experienced masters who have already passed the stage of operation of budget self-made devices, wishing to get not only a drink cleared of harmful impurities, but also having a bright taste of the raw material. The principle of operation of the columnar columns is analogous to the reflux condensers - ascending pairs are cooled by a constant source of cold water, all fractions heavier than alcohol are converted to liquid and drained back to the distillation cube.
Technically, the apparatus is a column in which the contact area between vapor and reflux is increased by the use of copper or steel caps. This design is more effective than traditional plates, since they have a large contact area, so the process of obtaining pure and strong alcohol is faster. Purified vapors of alcohol condense in the refrigerator and enter the receiving tank. The column itself is made of transparent glass, which allows you to visually control the distillation process and facilitates the adjustment of the optimal mode.

The main advantages of bubble column braces produced by CHZDA

Most of the welding and machining operations are automated, so the bogie machines and brazier columns have predictable and consistently high quality. Our own engineering department is constantly working on improving the design of the equipment already launched in the series, introducing advanced technologies for producing strong alcohol at home.
The equipment kits presented in this section are configured in a modular manner, so changing the configuration of any device is inexpensive - just add the required module, or replace the existing one. All other parts continue to be used as before, there is no need to purchase a new set of equipment, the modules are fully compatible (even from other manufacturers).
For clamping the modules with each other, the clamp connections are used, they have become the actual standard in the equipment for the production of medium and premium alcohol. The clamps are provided with quick assembly and dismantling with minimal time for the kit owner, the tightness is ensured by simply tightening the screw (sufficient effort is achieved without using the keys).
Most of the distillation cubes in the section are compatible with induction plates, because of the special design of the bottom. Due to the heating by induction currents of the contents of the cube, and not the surface of the plate, energy costs are reduced, which positively affects the cost of the finished product. You can order a kit with a safety valve, in which case the excess pressure in the distillation cube will be discharged outside, which eliminates the possibility of emergencies.
Brazhnye columns with copper caps are optimal for obtaining beverages with a pronounced taste of the raw material - grain distillates, products based on grapes. Copper is used for centuries in the production of whiskey and cognac, binding sulfur in the process of distillation, and it gives a characteristic taste, which is obtained only in copper alembics. Columns with stainless steel caps are universal and suitable for any type of raw material, providing a stable result.
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Mash column for capping "Gorilych" 12/250/t stainless
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Mash column for capping "Gorilych" 12/250/t copper
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Mash column for capping "Gorilych" 20/110/t stainless
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Mash column for capping "Gorilych" 20/110/t copper
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Mash column for capping "Gorilych" 21/300/t stainless
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Mash column for capping "Gorilych" 21/300/t copper
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Mash column for capping "Gorilych" 30/110/t stainless
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Mash column for capping "Gorilych" 30/110/t copper
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Mash column for capping "Gorilych" 40/110/t stainless
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Mash column for capping "Gorilych" 40/110/t copper
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Element stainless mash column for capping
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Element copper mash column for capping
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Stainless mash column for capping
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Copper mash column for capping
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