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Mash column for packing "Gorilych" 12/110/t

Mash column for packing "Gorilych" 12/110/t
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Low-end model in the lineup mash columns are most suitable for those who like to experiment with access to crystal clear spirits. Mash column "Gorilych" 12/110/t is a hybrid distillation apparatus and distillation column, so the resulting beverage contains dramatically fewer impurities than conventional moonshine. But the product is still not rectified spirit, a small portion of the feedstock taste remain.
Since the excise tax on spirits have long been inhumane, many people think about how to start using the moonshine. Buy it simply, this can be done without leaving the house, just leaving the application online.

The main advantages of devices CHZDA

Mash column "Gorilych" 12/110/t produces a high-quality alcohol, as used in the construction of built-reflux film type. During distillation it cools evaporating alcohol-containing liquid, wherein the heavy fractions condense on its walls and then fall into the alembic.
Its main advantage - a lightweight set of equipment, so the 12-liter distillation cube is very convenient to work in the kitchen of any size. But it should be understood that the alembic of this model mash column is recommended to fill in not more than ¾ of its working volume. Recommended to buy this model to all who are interested in receiving samples of new drinks in various recipes.
Another distinct advantage - the ease of management of the equipment, the system is configured in such a way that does not require manual adjustment of the speed and the water supply pressure. The temperature difference (delta) in the top of the column and into the alembic remains stable throughout the process. We just need to adjust the level of heating distillation cube.

Separate construction or purchase of a ready kit
Since the design of the device is accurate and technological relevance of the distillation process, it raises doubts about the success of the independent production of mash column in makeshift conditions. Buy mash column "Gorilych" 12/110/t is in the case if there is no willingness and ability to solder and tin stainless steel, look for quality components and professional tool by yourself.
Made standard equipment characterized by stable quality of the beverage to be prepared at any mash column. Drawing equipment you can try to bring their own life, but the probability is not 100% successful. Kit produced at CHZDA has a factory warranty, so obtaining distillate held no surprises.
The order can be issued within a few minutes directly on the website by selecting the appropriate model mash column "Gorilych". Prices of moonshine available equipment itself pays for itself within a few months in the future is only a plus.


Mash column for packing "Gorilych" 12/110/t
Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 4.20кг
Column diameter 42,5 mm
The height of the assembly 92 cm
Volume of the distillation cube 12 liters
The diameter of the throat 110 mm
Fortress of the finished product up to 93 %
Material Stainless steel
Productiveness up to 0,5 liter/hour
Warranty of the factory 1 year
Clamp connection no
Induction bottom no
Reflux condenser there is
Silicone pad for neck there is
Thermometer 2 pcs
Cooler there is
Ethanol level device no
Hoses for water supply no
The faucet’s adapter for the hose no
The product’s passport/documentation there is
Packing box there is


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