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Mash column for packing "Gorilych" 15/110/t

Mash column for packing "Gorilych" 15/110/t
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Moonshine "Gorilych" will become a reliable assistant in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages at home. Using modern equipment can receive distillates and rectified, are not inferior in quality production of large enterprises. All you need to do - to understand the underlying technology, spend a little of your time, use high-quality moonshine. Buy serial distiller CHZDA from factory with an honest factory warranty can be directly on the site.
     This model is suitable for those who are creative spirits manufacturing process attracted no less than their use. Mash column "Gorilych" 15/110/t is the volume of a cube distillation of 15 liters of spirits out of the mash is 1.5-2 liters per distillation unit capacity ranges from 0.5 to 1 liter per hour. The main advantage of a small cube distillation - is not required to be an athlete to be controlled by him. All filled cube does not exceed 14 kg, so it is convenient to be operated any kitchen.
     The proposed set of equipment according to the principle of operation is in the middle between the distillers and rectification columns. When distillation is finished the drink taste feedstock at rectification is obtained almost pure alcohol strength of 96 degrees. Depending on the desired result can be customized equipment close to the distillation column or still. Buy and pay this model can be directly on the site.
     The equipment has a built-in reflux, working on the principle of strengthening the film, which significantly improves the quality of the alcohol. This is due to precooling the vapor evaporated from the distillation of the cube. At the same contaminants back into the cube, without mixing with ready alcohol. High quality of products provides a mass-produced mash column. Drawing homemade moonshine easily found in open sources of information, but its manufacturing costs are comparable with the purchase of factory equipment.
     To ensure the process of heat and mass transfer and separation fractional alcohol vapors in the mash column "Gorilych" involves the use of various attachments - RPN Panchenkova ceramic Raschig rings and other fillers, which you can buy in our store.
     Regardless of the size of the kitchen, you can comfortably use this simple equipment such as mash column. The prices for it are low, thanks to the adjusted serial production. Distiller can pay off in a few months.
     Anyone can produce spirits of the highest quality with the help of such a device as a mash column "Gorilych" 15/110/t.


Mash column for packing "Gorilych" 15/110/t
Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 4.20кг
Column diameter 42,5 mm
The height of the assembly 97 cm
Volume of the distillation cube 15 liters
The diameter of the throat 110 mm
Fortress of the finished product up to 93 %
Material Stainless steel
Productiveness up to 0,5 liter/hour
Warranty of the factory 1 year
Clamp connection no
Induction bottom no
Reflux condenser there is
Silicone pad for neck there is
Thermometer 2 pcs
Cooler there is
Ethanol level device no
Hoses for water supply no
The faucet’s adapter for the hose no
The product’s passport/documentation there is
Packing box there is


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