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Element of the distillation column "Gorilych" with a clamp

Element of the distillation column "Gorilych" with a clamp
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Element of the distillation column "Gorilych" with a clamp will allow to organize the production of practically pure alcohol (with a strength of up to 97.5 degrees) in any home kitchen. It is recommended to buy a device for those who are tired of twisting threaded connections and fighting leaks. This element uses a simple and reliable assembly scheme with clamp connections. In fact, the owner can remove the spanner into the garage, because The elements of the column are fixed with each other by turning the screw on the clamp without using tools. The speed of assembly and dismantling is about a minute, which will appeal to people experiencing a shortage of free time, wishing to shorten the duration of routine operations.

Advantages of the distillation column from CHZDA
Element of the distillation column "Gorilych" with a clamp is a product of serial production and factory quality, the reliability of the kit confirms the warranty obligations of the CHZDA (warranty period is 1 year). Food high-alloy steel, from which the device is manufactured, passes quality control in the company's own laboratory, so Gorilovich has an unlimited lifespan. The refrigeration unit is the dimromot refrigerator, tested for centuries, with a spiral tube inside. This is one of the best options for rectification of alcohol, since it provides the maximum contact area between the cooler and alcohol vapors. The seat under the thermometer will allow to control the reflux process without visual control over what is happening in the column.
The productivity of the element of the distillation column "Gorilych" with a clamp reaches up to 500 ml / h, which is confirmed by real feedback from the owners. It does not matter - what to use as raw materials, the output will be pure alcohol, from which you can prepare a reference home-made vodka, any kind of tinctures and liquors.
The low price of the element of the distillation column "Gorilych" with the clamp allows you to order it to upgrade an existing set of equipment (for example, a distillation cube for distillation). If this is the first experience with modular devices with clamp connections, you can add all associated accessories (clamps, gaskets, etc.) to the order.
The device is indicated for acquisition by those who value good and pure alcohol without a typical "moonshine" aftertaste and a cloudy color. In fact, the vodka, prepared from alcohol on the column "Gorilych", will be able to win by taste qualities the majority of positions in supermarkets in the middle price range. In addition, inexpensive rectified alcohol can be used for medical or technical purposes.


Element of the distillation column "Gorilych" with a clamp
Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 1.60кг
The diameter of the nozzle 8 mm
The height of the assembly 32 sm
Fortress of the finished product up to 97.5 %
Material Stainless steel
Productiveness up to 0,5 liter/hour
Warranty of the factory 1 year
Clamp collar no
Clamp connection there is
Reflux condenser Built-in
Silicone gasket no
Thermometer no
Cooler Built-in
Hoses for water supply no



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