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Historical background of occurrence of brewing and create a home-brew, creating a centuries-old culture of spirits, stages of development of organizational culture feast and many more.

    The third Sunday of September - an excellent opportunity to sit in good company over a glass of pure moonshine, because on that day, the Day of the forester annually. Foresters and bootleggers - people connected with each other historically. For centuries, people put moonshine in the dense forests, but the "keepers" of the forest has al  More→
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    Frank Sinatra, without exaggeration, everyone knows - the iconic American singer, actor and director, will long be remembered not only the people of America, but also around the world. His contribution to music culture is immeasurable: Sinatra's hits and today enthusiastically welcomed as a modern design, as well as in the classica  More→
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    Spirits have in almost all cultures. Once a person learns to produce liquor and various drinks came a great multitude, and each relies own snack.      Our people know how to have a snack almost every meal, as a joke, "a bottle of vodka and toffee," but there are snacks, emphasizing the taste of the drink and neutralizing a ha  More→
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    Great people and alcohol - there is a close relationship between these two concepts. And indeed, if you know a lot of famous personalities who have not suffered from the strong attachment to alcohol? Historians are still trying to find the origins of alcoholism in Russia, but even today, is not known who was the founder of the tradition of  More→
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    The people of creative professions, according to experts, more likely to use alcohol homemade. This applies not only to the contemporary creative elite, but also poets, writers and artists who have left a deep mark in history.      Many of them have used ingredients for making home brew to brew, while others prefer to bu  More→
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    Oak barrels for moonshine - the ideal container for the storage of alcoholic drinks of domestic production. Today, they are in high demand among connoisseurs of high-end high-end alcohol, in fact, like decades ago. It is no secret that the story of the great Russian people did. However, few people know that many of them were true gourmet  More→
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    Alcoholic drinks are a constant companion of cheerful parties, get-togethers with friends, celebrations and festivities. It is believed that the use of alcohol - addiction. But this only applies to cases where alcoholic beverages are used regularly and in large quantities. If the alcohol drink moderately, it is even somewhat helpf  More→
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    Love to alcoholic beverages is common to many people - someone is more, someone less. It is believed that the addiction to alcohol experienced representatives of the lower strata of the population, is not arranged, and dissatisfaction with life. However, the historical facts are the complete opposite of this statement. History know  More→
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    Emperor Nicholas II - one of the most controversial figures in Russian history. His image is so confused that, as the saying goes, "no 100 grams and will not understand", so please buy an inexpensive moonshine from companies CHZDA and cook fragrant invigorating drink with his own hands.      It is known that the Emperor N  More→
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    For someone Winston Churchill - a former prime minister of Great Britain, for someone - a talented writer and journalist, and for someone - a bright justify their addictions. And, oddly enough, every judgment is true.      In 2002, a survey conducted by «BBC», the famous politician named the greatest Briton in history.  More→
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    The great Russian poet Sergei Yesenin probably familiar to you from the school, and he is remembered not only for its original creation, but a hard life.      We offer you to buy cheap moonshine from producer CHZDA and prepare their own delicious recipes by strong tincture of vodka presented on our website and get acquain  More→
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    Moonshine, prepared with the help of distillation machines from the manufacturer, is a pure drink that has a divine taste and resistant finish. In this case we are not talking about the drinks, which are prepared from readily available funds and are called "pervach" but about this cognac, whiskey, homemade liquor.        More→
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    Today, more and more people make a decision to buy hooch from the manufacturer for making moonshine at home. This is not surprising, because modern man numerous recipes available moonshine, to learn that the power of each.      Brewing has been around for hundreds of years, and during that time the inhabitants of differ  More→
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    Alcoholic beverages are an integral part of Russian culture. Modern humans are an endless variety of alcohol, as they say, for every taste and color. However, not all drinks are called quality and their use brings a real pleasure.      Realizing that reasonable people en masse buy hooch from the manufacturer and master  More→
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      Today buy hooch from the manufacturer is not difficult. Just go to the manufacturer's website and make moonshine order to obtain after the installer to proceed to the great mystery of cooking delicious homemade alcoholic beverages. However, despite the availability of such moonshine, buy in bulk which can be in any city of Russ  More→
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    Nowadays more and more people have come to believe that it is much more profitable to buy moonshine wholesale and prepare alcoholic drinks of domestic production than to constantly spend money on the purchase of store alcohol. Where once were considered the elite of industrial preparation of drinks, but now their quality leaves much t  More→
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    In recent years, the production of moonshine has acquired a large scale, which is not surprising in view of the deteriorating quality of regular store alcoholic beverages. True connoisseurs of elite alcohol has long been understood that it is better one time to buy hooch from the manufacturer and to cook their own favorite drinks than e  More→
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    Despite the anti-alcohol propaganda, the number of true connoisseurs of elite drinks is increasing every day. In this case we are talking about pure and tasty connoisseurs of alcohol, rather than low-grade amateur drinks.      Some people, to be pampered favorite whiskey, brandy or liqueur, are sent to a specialized  More→
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