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Recipes moonshine at home

This section is entirely devoted to the time-tested and interesting recipes for cooking at home a variety of spirits. The knowledge base of all these recipes given here will help you get such a variety of foods from the brew as a home brandy and whiskey, calvados and Polugar, grain vodka and plum brandy, rum and bourbon, classic grain vodka and apricot schnapps, pear moonshine and a variety of other beverages . Read, try your hand and leave your comments and interesting drinks recipes.
    According to the experienced self-racers, the best raw materials for the preparation of tasty and pure alcoholic drink is wheat. If you use it correctly, you can get the perfect Braga for further preparation of home-b  More→
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The recipe for apple mash      Apples - a very affordable and inexpensive ingredient, especially in the harvest "apple" years, from which you can cook a huge number of home zakatok, as well as several species of low-alcohol  More→
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Absinthe of moonshine at home - the thrill of natural exclusivity!        The first recipe absinthe belonged to the ancient Egyptians. At that time he was considered the drug, but over the centuries gradually moved in  More→
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Braga out of a jam - fast and easy      Home-brew - it is better "palёnoy" vodka and other "poison", which is full of the vast expanses of Russian shops, pavilions and garages. It is best to use what you have done and I am sure he is  More→
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Recipe mash of sugar      Classical Braga preparing simple enough, does not require special ingredients. Traditionally - brewed beer is sugar, water and yeast. The output is supposed to be properly digested, passed thro  More→
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          Schnapps is rightly called the national drink of Germany. In appearance it resembles Russian vodka with only one difference: the vodka does not have such a wonderful fresh scent. The preparation  More→
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    Becherovka - Czech herbal liqueur, which was established as a cure for stomach diseases Carlsbad pharmacist Josef Becher in 1807. Forty years later, in 1841, his son Johann began industrial production of the drink, w  More→
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    Rum - a popular, popular and quite expensive in Russia, a strong alcoholic drink. It is made usually from molasses and cane syrup. Some consider it a form of vodka, and is called "vodka Barbados", as for the first time beg  More→
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    Not everyone can be called bourbon true American whiskey, but not necessarily any good whiskey American origin. Prepare a great bourbon - no easy task, but it is quite feasible. The main difference of this type of whisk  More→
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Two ways to brew pear.  Ability to maintain its pear flavor makes it possible to obtain high-quality fragrant brew. There are two ways to obtain the alcohol using pear brewed apparatus: a recipe used in sugar and yeast, and in the other  More→
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How to cook a classic grain vodka using moonshine.  Before the revolution, our ancestors often used bread brew as a medicinal tincture. This drink was quite common in the central regions of the Russian Empire, where there was a lot of r  More→
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How to get Polugar at home.       Modern man word "Polugar" unknown. And 150 years ago, its meaning was clear to any person of the Russian Empire.  Polugar - bread wine, obtained with the help of moonshine from barley, wh  More→
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How to prepare their own Kedrovka based on moonshine.      To turn the vodka or moonshine from ordinary alcohol, drink in a completely different level, which is easy to drink and who are not ashamed to treat a close friend for  More→
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Making classical plum brandy.       In the countries of South-eastern Europe: Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and the Czech Republic a strong brew obtained from the fruit of plum, called slivovitz, and is the national d  More→
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How to prepare their own grape chacha.      Caucasus is well known for its grape vodka - chacha. Before lunch, made to drink a small cup of this natural product. Nowadays, chacha, you can buy in the store or made at home. If you p  More→
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    Alcohol obtained by the moonshine, and classical temples, have much in common. A differ in that in the production of vodka use sugar and the production of whiskey - cereals. In addition to whiskey got its own unique flav  More→
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We get the exquisite home Calvados.      Calvados - a strong alcoholic drink made from apples in the north-west of France. For a long time he was considered a "brandy" for the common people, it is not "advertised" the writer E  More→
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Not an easy task to prepare homemade brandy from moonshine.         Preparation of the cognac - it is a true art, which worked through the years. Only a specific area of ​​France has the right to call their spirits,  More→
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