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How to cook a classic Polugar

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How to get Polugar at home.

      Modern man word "Polugar" unknown. And 150 years ago, its meaning was clear to any person of the Russian Empire.
 Polugar - bread wine, obtained with the help of moonshine from barley, wheat or rye malt. His strength -38.5 degrees.

      When the Russian Empire established a state monopoly on the production and sale of vodka, Polugar production was prohibited. Therefore, many recipes have been loss. But recently renewed interest in Polugar. Now, anyone who has a moonshine still be able to get bread wine.

Ingredients for bread wine (Polugar) using moonshine.
  • 5 kg of barley, wheat or rye malt.
  • 20 liters of pure water.
  • 0.05 kg of dry yeast (0.3 kg of compressed).
Bread wine made on the basis of rye malt. But do not worry, if you are going to use wheat or barley. Water is better to take a spring or well.
The process of obtaining Polugar.

Preparation of malt for bread wine.
First, the malt must be well dried. You can buy in the store malt coarsely ground or grind it yourself to coarse grains.
Mashing - the process of decomposition of starch into sugar.
Take a pan, put on fire, pour water, boil. Allow to cool to 55 degrees. Absorb malt, stirring it, avoiding the formation of lumps. Bring the temperature to 61-64 degrees. Once thoroughly mixed to obtain a homogeneous mass. Close pan with a lid and leave on the fire for half an hour, at a constant temperature of 60-65 degrees.

Fermentation - the process of decomposition of sugar to alcohol using yeast.
In order to start the fermentation process, it is necessary to cool the cooked mixture to 28 degrees. Pour into a bottle. Prepare yeast and add them to the container. Put the water seal and place the container in a dark warm place for a period of 4 to 16 days. It should be every day to stir the must and then install the water trap again.

  After the fermentation process is over, what will indicate the absence of bubbles and liquid clarification should begin distilling mash in Polugar.

First distillation.

   Strain mash. Pour in the moonshine. Start distillation process without separating the alcohol fractionation. Once the beverage strength drops to 25 percent of alcohol to terminate the selection of raw.

We turn to the second distillation.

 The resulting alcohol, should be cleaned of contaminants. Therefore, it is diluted with water 1: 1 and again put in the moonshine.
 Now select only the "body" of the product, cutting the "head" and "tails". After fortress drops to 40 degrees, stop the process.

Cleaning Polugar.

Bread wine produced with the help of moonshine, can be cleaned in several ways. This is done with the help of milk, eggs, bread and charcoal. To process was more qualitative, Polugar should be diluted with up to 40 - 50 degrees.

The final stage.

In classical Polugar, strength should be 38.5 degrees, so, before you pour the product is bottled and put in storage, it must be diluted with water to the desired state. Polugar be stored in a dark place in tightly sealed bottles.

 Polugar belongs to the family of natural spirits, such as cognac, whiskey, plum brandy called Slivovica not inferior to them in taste.

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