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Household packed distillation columns "Gorilych"

Household packed distillation columns "Gorilych"
In distillation columns, alcohol-containing vapors are divided into different fractions, so a pure alcohol with a strength of 96%, which is devoid of any off-flavors and aromas of the original wort (braga), is obtained at the outlet. But at the same time, rectificate does not contain harmful fusel oils, methanol, acetone and other chemicals, from which it is necessary to clean moonshine. In other words, a practically safe product is collected, on the basis of which tinctures, vodka and other spirits of various strength are made.
The distillation column can also be tuned to the distillation mode. As a result, you can get moonshine, but more clean than using a classic home-brewed device. In this case, the production of pure alcohol is both a plus and a minus, since the drink loses not only poisonous, but also useful substances, flavors, flavors, and the like. Although this is not important, if braga is insisted, for example, on beets, sugar, starch and other products that are not capable of ennobling moonshine.
Among the minuses of the distillation column is low productivity. The final product per hour is obtained at times less than when using a home-brewed device. Also, given the more complex design of the distillation columns, it can be concluded that their cost is higher than the classical moonshine and the purchase of the rectification column is not affordable for everyone.

In our store - productive, powerful and high-tech equipment. With its help you will get a clean base for cooking delicious tinctures, liquors and other strong alcoholic beverages. Holidays, meetings with friends, family evenings will not be spoiled by a morning hangover from the use of a product of dubious origin.
In our store, we buy an inexpensive distillation column for alcohol with a high-quality filler. It provides not only a high degree of purification, but also an operational rate of rectification.
Looking for where to buy the distillation column? Internet shop CHZDA offers favorable terms of sale for the client. Premium-class devices can be purchased in different configurations. Also on sale compact modifications for easy operation at home. We guarantee timely delivery and impeccable quality of equipment.
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