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Household goods

Household goods
In the process of housekeeping, care of the homestead and country plots, the collection and processing of their harvest, home-brewing, smoking, cooking various dishes on the grill and other business events, one always has to face the need to use various tools, devices, preparation of related products and their components. To facilitate the work and make the work around the house pleasant and easy, we all use in labor a variety of tools, presses, grain crushers, utensils for the preparation of different products, storage containers, scales, measuring devices and other goods. In this category, we have tried to offer numerous tools, materials and other related accessories for convenient home and household management. Order and buy related products on the site CHZDA. Shop assistants will always help in choosing a particular product and will consult customers about all the intricacies in their application. Delivery is carried out in all regions of Russia and CIS countries.
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UD-170 "Gain" harvester
UD-170M "Grain" harvester
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UD-200 "Gain" harvester
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UD-300M "Gain" harvester
54€ 60€
In Stock
Hydrolate "Gorilych"
In Stock
Press for pressing juice for 6 l
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