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Alcohol distillation equipment Gorilych - luxury

Alcohol distillation equipment Gorilych - luxury
Ruler "Gorilych" luxury designed for lovers of high-quality alcoholic beverages, prepared entirely at home. All the equipment in this series is designed with the knowledge of the physical processes occurring in the distillation of alcoholic solutions. The main result, which sought to achieve the developers - convenient operation, safety and the organoleptic characteristics of the finished product.
In principle, you can create a moonshine still on its own, but in addition to the difficulties in finding materials and equipment for welding of stainless steel there is another problem. The distillation process is subject to the laws of physics rather complicated, so you need to experiment to create the optimum design. If the task is not to start their own production, and getting ready to drink, it is best to purchase a serial moonshine. Buy equipment, a major producer is more profitable than to experiment in the garage - the buyer gets a guaranteed quality of the device, and confidence in the purity of the resulting distillate.

General principles of "Gorilych" series luxury
The main reason that distinguishes it on the market of equipment for vodka - it's not just the distiller. Buy this modification is for those for whom the quality of treatment is in the first place. The device is built reflux, which gives a much purer final product than regular moonshine.
The principle of reflux is to build on its walls a thin film of liquid is evaporated from the distillation of the cube. alcohol vapors heated film, fractions containing alcohol is sent into the prepared container, and much of the rest of the fractions is condensed and returned to the alembic. When the best moonshine, these processes are repeated dozens of times, so that all taste good and mostly unprofitable impurities remain in the cube.

Why should I consider buying moonshine "Gorilych" series luxury
Manufacturers moonshine often seek to simplify and reduce the cost of construction, selling conventional distillers, known for hundreds of years under the guise of high-tech products. Series "Gorilych" luxury is made with the mind - and in the alembic and the distiller has built-in thermometer, distillation contains steam-dome, reflux condenser with active cooling - all the modern technology allows crystal clear drink.
Customer reviews on this positive model, at home without the problems alcohol turns 70 degrees, with a minimum amount of impurities. The performance is also decent - up to 1 liter per hour. Unlike most models cost cube has a wide throat 110 mm, so there is no problem with cleaning cube after shutdown. With all the advantages, moonshine is inexpensive.

How to order household equipment for distillation
Shop moonshine "CHZDA" Ural preserves centuries-old tradition of quality, so all equipment is tested before sale. All devices have an official guarantee, so any problems will be solved by the manufacturer.
All lines are manufactured as standard equipment, so have a stable quality and least satisfactory of customers. If you want to without the mess to get home clean alcohol - site "CHZDA" moonshine is ready to provide equipment for any task.
Order the appropriate kit can be directly on the site, there are dozens of payment options, from e-money to COD upon delivery.
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