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Smokehouse camp "Torpedo" small 14 liters

Smokehouse camp "Torpedo" small 14 liters
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Hiking smokehouse smoked "torpedo" small 14 litrov- delicious smoked right on the nature!
     Hiking smokehouse - irreplaceable thing for any fan of outdoor activities - in the country, in a country house, in a campaign. And for the avid fishermen it altogether is an indispensable element of the equipment. Judge for yourself - if the bite is strong and the catch is good, then the fisherman are not many options to preserve fish at least in some form. Buy smokehouse in "CHZDA" store - great for fishing lovers!
     Well, if a one-day fishing - all that a fisherman caught, he can take with him. Well, if fishing "comfortable" when near the fishing spot is a cozy little house with a fridge and a freezer - the fish can be frozen or even just hold much longer in a refrigerated state. But if fishing "real" - that is, camp, far away from civilization signs, with overnight stays in nature, it is the fisherman himself or there is a catch to the loss of power, or salt. But if you take a hiking smokehouse smoked - it is possible to solve the problem of manufacture and storage within a few days of delicious fish, which will be glad to all households.
     Hot smoking requires no complicated recipe and strong effort - especially if it is not required to build in field conditions from scrap materials. The process of smoking fish depends not only on its type, but also on the number and size of each fish. Small and medium sized fish in the smokehouse smoked will be ready in just a few hours. But large, and especially trophy specimens require twice or even three times more fish.
Smokehouse buy or make your own hands - which is better?
     As mentioned above, perform hot smoking is theoretically possible without the smokehouse. On one condition - that you in nature nothing else to do, but to collect the county rocks or dig deep holes, and then tinker with the arrangement of "stone bag" or fastening earthen walls of the precious soil obsypaniya catch. Do as they say, is worth the candle skin? Hiking smokehouse "torpedo" small of 14 liters afford to buy even the most humble to the tourist - and it will serve faithfully for more than one season. By the way, you can buy a smokehouse, not only for long fishings and hiking, but also just to give - is a great way to diversify and complement the menu of traditional kebabs and barbecue another gorgeous dish - smoked fish!
     Our smokehouse proven themselves and have received a lot of positive feedback from customers. It's your time and enjoy all the pleasures of smoking hot outdoors!


Smokehouse camp "Torpedo" small 14 liters
Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 4.00кг
Thickness 1,2 mm
Volume 14 liters
Material Stainless steel
Warranty of the factory 1 year
Grilles no
Pallet there is
pilot controlled check valve no
Packing box there is



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