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Documentation on the home distiller "Gorilych"

 Registered trademark

"Gorilych" is an official registered trademark. We value the trust of our customers and do everything to ensure that their requests and demands are met. All products officially sold under the registered trademark "Gorilych" are original and high-quality product. Our customers can always make sure of the authenticity of the purchase in the shops or check their order in the presence of the courier.


The passport of the goods and the guarantee card

When selling in the kit to each household distiller (distiller) "Gorilych" there must be a completed passport of the goods, which indicates the date of production, a stamp is received and the warranty card is filled. Also in the description are the ways of operating the "Gorilych" moonshine and the safety measures.









The official guarantee of the manufacturer for all domestic home appliances (distillers) "Gorilych" is 12 months. If there are any shortcomings, a free change or refund is made.