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The use of inverted sugar in moonshining

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    Today moonshine was an interesting hobby for many, the opportunity to be creative, as they say, "is not pleased accursed drunkenness." Vinokur really enough to buy moonshine, still need to develop your own drink recipe that was clean as a tear, did not have the unpleasant taste and odor.

Sugar history

     To get a good drink of moonshine Braga need for the relevant quality brew. According to experts, only a noble home brew, you can get a first-class brew.

     Alcohol is known to be obtained owing to ability to live yeast culture, and on how the work yeast and what they eat, determines the final result. The bacteria need sugar, but ordinary sand yeast bacteria to process difficult. Much of the energy goes to the transformation of sugar molecules, splitting them into glucose and fructose, and only then to decomposition of the desired intermediate to alcohol and carbon dioxide. As a result of the fermentation process slows down, and the final product is slightly worse.

     Distiller save in this case invert sugar. That is, a person removes the yeast from the first stage and he breaks down into its component sugars. Industrial enterprises used factory-made sugars, but the private handyman ready components will cost expensive, much more profitable to spend invert sugar alone.

How to make

     Invert sugar is not difficult at home. Per kilogram of sugar required pint of water and four grams of citric acid. We need to take large pot: because in the process will be allocated to the foam, the syrup should take no more than two-thirds of the volume.

Then proceed as follows:

• heats the water to 80 ° C;
• fill with sugar and stir the liquid until it is completely dissolved;
• boil for ten minutes, remove the foam, stir, is supposed to be uniform, clear solution;
• reduce the heat to low and gradually add the pineapple (the foam begins to rise, if just to pour the crystals, we obtain the volcano), stir;
• boil the syrup with the lid on low heat for about an hour;
• giving cool to 30 ° C.

Advantages of invert sugar

     Download to moonshine Braga inverted sugar, you get:

1. rapid fermentation - yeast do the job for a few days before;
2. improve the taste and flavor of the final product;
3. Braga in the syrup is less exposed to the risk of infection by pathogenic fungi;
4. fewer contaminants.

Disadvantages of invert sugar:

     The flip side of the coin will further the time required for the production of syrup and a small reduction in the number of the finished product (1-3%).
Experienced distillers believe that the brew prepared using inverted sugar worth the effort it worth the effort.

     In our online shop you will find the necessary equipment for the production of high-quality brew at home, as well as literature and useful articles that will help you grasp all the subtleties of this fascinating occupation.


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