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The optimum amount of yeast mash

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How much yeast to obtain high-quality home-made beer to vodka.

     In order to make it possible to obtain brew, primarily yeast needed. It is because of their presence, from sugars produced by alcohol, which is obtained by moonshine. The amount of yeast which is used in the preparation of mead has a value. Consider the recipes are based on the use of sugar as the main ingredient for home-made beer.

      If you have the moonshine, through which, you get high-quality alcohol, alcohol requires special yeast. Unfortunately, not always possible to get this ingredient.

   Recipe produce mash using compressed yeast.

To get a bucket of moonshine (10 liters) a good 40 percent of moonshine, required components:
  • 8 kg of sugar
  • 25 liters of pure water.
  • 0.5 kg of wet compressed yeast.
  • 2-3 pieces of raw potatoes.

We offer data proportions that have been tested in practice for quality of alcohol, with the help of moonshine. On the Internet you can find other proportions, but we recommend to stay in our recipe.
Potatoes are used as fermentation accelerator. It is passed through a grinder and the resultant slurry together with the yeast, was added to the water.

   The optimum amount of dry yeast to produce home-made beer.

It is often said that you can not get high-quality home-made beer to vodka, if you use dry yeast. This is not true. The most important thing is to know the right proportions and subtleties in the preparation of home-made beer, and succeed!

     To prepare the mash, you can use any dry yeast, which are sold in the store. Packaging is usually 100 grams.
To drive out of the mash-quality moonshine, the following relationship between the dry and raw yeast - 1 to 5 or 1 to 6.
Yeast bred and are added to the sugar solution. Take the dishes, which is poured half a liter of warm water and slowly poured to yeast. Five minutes yeast become wet, then they slowly begin to stir, so they were completely dissolved.

     The sugar solution before it is added diluted yeast must have a temperature no less 24 degrees.
Braga, prepared by dry yeast, in the beginning, behaves unpredictably. Can start an abundant foam. To this is somehow reduced, add 50 grams of vegetable oil. Sometimes this procedure is repeated several times. Do not cover the container with a lid Braga, when there is an active foaming.

      Braga for the brew to be ready in 5-7 days, regardless of the type of yeast that you used. Check whether the home-brewed beer to fill it in the moonshine is ready, you can, taste it. She has a little taste bitter. If you feel that you have the sweetness, then stir Braga and let it stand for another two - three days.

     If you have used an optimal amount of yeast, then you'll have a high-quality home-brewed beer, from which, with the help of moonshine, it is possible to drive high-quality alcohol.

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