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Alcohol yeast: the main advantages

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    Yeast is an essential ingredient of a good home brew, their quality depends on the correct preparation and the basic properties of the finished beverage. Choosing a yeast for brewing, should take into account the taste and especially the future of alcoholic tinctures. Typically, in the production of home-brew alcohol yeast used, and this is due to a number of advantages:

• a high level of resilience - yeast cultures survive in 16-18% alcohol in brewing, which is significantly higher than the baking, beer or wine analogues;
• increased the final yield of alcohol;
• short period of fermentation - alcohol yeast brew for 5-7 days is sufficient;
• minimal formation of harmful impurities, making the finished tincture cleaner;
• absence of large amounts of foam.

How to put brewing in the alcohol yeast

    The home moonshining important to accurately observe the technology of preparation of home-made beer: only in this case you can expect to receive high-quality liquor. By following a few simple tips, you can achieve the perfect result, which is sure to delight you and your guests.

• Use alcohol yeast in combination with the spring or purified bottled water - tap and even bottled water significantly reduce the quality of the final alcohol.
• First, pour in the yeast fermentation bottle, and only then add the basic wort - so you will ensure uniform fermentation.
• Keep the fermentation temperature in the range of 22 - 28 ° C (for example, using an aquarium heater) and keep brewing protected from sunlight place: it can be put in the cellar or the oven. In the latter case, you can even try to regulate a stable temperature, but not all manufacturers of ovens allow such a poor performance.
• Seal the container with the solution using a special water seal or wear a glove on the neck with a small hole in one of the fingers - it is necessary for the release of carbon dioxide.
• Try every day to stir brewing.

     Alcohol yeast - the best option for the preparation of pure, saturated home-brew. Subject to the requirements of brewing technology, you can enjoy all the benefits of flavored alcoholic beverage prepared with their own hands.


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