Beer yeast Saflager S-23 (11,5 gr) в Челябинске

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Compound: Дрожжи пивные
Final volume, l: 20
Maximum temperature, C°: 25
Minimum temperature, C°: 10
Pieces per pack: 1
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Saflager S-23 beer yeast is a bottom-fermented strain originating from the Berlin Research Institute of Brewing VLB, where it is known as RH. It is used in particular in industrial production in Western Europe. This yeast produces both fruity and essential pils.

Dose: 1 sachet Saflager S-23 (11.5 g) for 15-20 liters of wort. It is necessary to increase the dosage 2-3 times if the fermentation temperature is below 9C °.

Instructions for use: Before sowing, it is necessary to rehydrate dry yeast by stirring it in a vat to obtain a yeast suspension. Pour yeast into sterile water or wort at 23C ° ± 3C ° at a rate of 1 to 10. Once the dry yeast has recovered and formed a yeast suspension (15-30 minutes), continue stirring slowly for another 30 minutes. Then sow the fermentation tank (fermentation tank - fermenter) with the resulting yeast suspension. There is an alternative method of inoculation - this is the direct task of dry yeast in a fermentation tank (fermentation tank - fermenter), provided that the temperature of the wort must be above 20C °. Pour the dry yeast gradually into the tank so that the yeast covers the entire surface of the wort without clumping. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then mix the wort with air enrichment.

Recommended fermentation temperature Saflager S-23 9C ° - 15C °, optimum 12C °

Storage: Store Saflager S-23 in a dry and cool place <10 ° C. After opening, the bag must be tightly closed and stored at 4C °. Use within 7 consecutive days after opening. Soft or damaged bags should never be used.

Tags: yeast, ingredients

Compound Дрожжи пивные
Final volume, l 20
Maximum temperature, C° 25
Minimum temperature, C° 10
Shelf life, days 720
Shelf life, days 720
Storage conditions в прохладном месте
Weight of product, g 11
Country of Origin Франция
EQUIPMENT (without additional options)
Pieces per pack 1
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