Afghan cauldron 8 liters with handles в Челябинске

  • Brand: Афганистан
  • Sku: Афганский казан-скороварка 8 литров, черный
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Main specifications
All specifications
Bottom thickness: 11 mm
Brand: Rashko Baba ltd
Cap size: 18,5 cm
Color: Black
Color name: Black

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Original Afghan cauldron with black coating, material - aluminum. High quality pressure device, safety valve, steam release valve. Afghan cauldrons work on the principle of a pressure cooker - they save time by cooking the product faster, preserve vitamins. They differ from conventional pressure cookers in metal thickness, round shape and clamping device.
Convenient handle on the clamping device and light weight, allow using the cauldron in hikes and when going out into nature. It is convenient to mix food in a cauldron, just put it on its side and roll it over the surface, you do not need to open the lid often. The useful volume of the cauldron is 65-80%, when the load exceeds this norm, there is a possibility of valve clogging.
Attention! The manufacturer indicates the volume is 8 liters, the actual volume is 7 liters.

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DIMENSIONS (in initial configuration)
Diameter, mm 240 mm
Height, cm 210 мм
Thickness, mm 11 mm
Volume, l 8 liters
Bottom thickness 11 mm
Brand Rashko Baba ltd
Cap size 18,5 cm
Color Black
Color name Black
Compatible Plates For electric stoves, for glass-ceramic stoves, for open fire
Cover There are
Material Aluminum
Non-stick coating No
The bottom of the cauldron Flat
Type Cauldron
View of the cauldron Afghan
Weight of product, g 3550
Country of Origin Афганистан
The height of the assembly, cm 370 mm
EQUIPMENT (without additional options)
Packing box There are
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What is an Afghan cauldron?

The Afghan cauldron is the national dish of Afghanistan and has been used since ancient times. The cauldron is cast from aluminum, then carefully processed - grinded and polished to a shine.

It differs from a conventional pressure cooker in its rounded shape, thick bottom and walls. Due to the sealed lid inside the cauldron, the pressure rises, the temperature reaches the boiling point of water and the food is cooked, and the vegetables retain their original color.

Pros and cons of Afghan cauldrons

Of the good:

Versatility. You can cook both outdoors and in the kitchen at home.

Rapidity. The meat in it is easy to cook until tender, it copes with the rest of the products even faster.

Convenience. You choose the volume "for yourself" - for a couple of people or a large family.

Strength. Thick aluminum is very difficult to deform, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Multifunctionality. Cooking dishes using different technologies - fried, boiled, stewed foods, many prepare soups.

From the bad:

Price tag. The price for the smallest 5-liter Afghan pot starts at 2,990 rubles, the larger the volume, the more expensive.

Requires accuracy. If you use the cookware incorrectly, it is easy to burn yourself with the steam while cooking.

It is difficult to find high quality and original. The delivery of dishes should be from indigenous manufacturers - from Afghanistan itself, and there are a lot of domestic fakes on the Internet, but it doesn't matter if you order an Afghan cauldron on our website, because we only sell original products from leading manufacturers.

Before the first use, you need to prepare the Afghan cauldron according to the instructions:

1) Pour 1/3 of the volume of water into the cauldron, boil and leave for about 10-15 minutes.

2) Drain the water and rinse the boiler with running water, removing the remnants of industrial grease and dust.

3) Pour 100 ml of vegetable oil into a dry dish and fry the head of finely chopped onion in it under a closed lid. Shake the pot periodically to distribute the oil evenly over the walls.

4) Wipe the empty cauldron with a soft cloth. Important: oil and onions are unsuitable for food after the first oiling. Taking care of such a dish is quite simple: wash it with a sponge or soft cloth with the usual dish detergent, rinsing the valves well. Hard washcloths are not suitable for such cauldrons, because damage the coating and promote corrosion.

If you do not wash the cauldron in time, the remnants of food and spices will dry out, interfere with the normal steam release and spoil the future taste of the dish. If suddenly the metal darkens, you can bleach it with a natural concentrate: boil the juice of two lemons with a liter of water in a bowl, and then rinse off the leftovers. The outer walls can also be wiped with lemon juice and then with a clean, soft cloth.

How to use an Afghan cauldron

There are many recipes for which an Afghan cauldron is suitable, and you decide exactly how to cook it. Like in a saucepan. On stove or fire - Mix food with water and leave without lid. As in a frying pan. Heat the dishes, add oil and cook over high heat. Can be stewed or fried, with or without a lid. Like a pressure cooker. Close the lid tightly and heat to medium. You can add water or cook in your own juice. As in a cauldron. To bake food, you need coals or a small fire, a lid is optional, no water is needed.

Combine the methods at your discretion: for example, you can first fry the meat with onions and spices, then add water, add vegetables or cereals, cover and bring to readiness over low heat. Good to know: for easier and better mixing of food, place the container at an angle of 30 degrees, hold the handles and roll the bottom. This will mix all the ingredients together, and you will not burn yourself.


1) Heating. You cannot keep it on maximum heat for a long time: while cooking, reduce the heat on the stove or periodically remove the cauldron from the coals for a short time. Steam will help control the heating - it should remain moderate, if there is a lot of it, then it is better to let it go through the valve and slightly cool the dishes.

2) Cover. Do not tighten the locking screw handle to the maximum - it should just press the lid so that there is no steam leakage around the perimeter, and it gets into the designated holes. Remove the product from the heat for a few minutes before opening the lid if your pressure cooker is for a fire, or reduce the heat to low on the stove. Wait for steam to stop coming out of the valves.

3) Filling. You cannot fill the dishes to the top: visually divide the volume into three equal parts and keep the top empty - so the pieces of food will not close the valves and steam holes, and the liquid will not boil out.

4) Control. It is better to look after the dish - it cooks quickly, and controlling the steam will help to correct the heating in time and avoid unpleasant consequences. Only in appearance it seems that the Afghan cauldron is exotic, in fact, it is still the same pan, just thick-walled and streamlined, so it is suitable for almost all familiar favorite dishes - soup, pilaf, vegetables, meat, poultry, etc.

Dishes come in handy for a holiday and on weekdays, at home, in the country or on a hike. You can even cook compote in it - berries and fruits will give off their aroma and juice in a matter of minutes, preserving the maximum of useful substances. There are just a lot of options.

The rounded sides provide even heating, and the steam generated inside helps the food to be processed very quickly and gently. Everything that is cooked in a cauldron is soaked in juice in a short time, becomes very soft and aromatic.

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