Al'kitara dlya gidrolatov i efirnyh masel в Челябинске

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Main specifications
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Induction bottom, mm: there is
Material: Stainless steel
Set of silicone gaskets: there is
Silicone hose for collecting the product: there is
The amount of steam drum, ml: 2300 ml

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Hydrolyte (fragrant, aromatic, floral water) is a fragrant, often colorless, liquid obtained by steam or water distillation of water through parts of plants (leaves, flowers, fruits, roots). Hydrolat is a natural tonic for your skin!
The leaves or flowers of plants are placed in a folding dry-house, they are located in a special grid, which is above the distillation cube. As a result of heating, water vapor passes through the plant material, being saturated with valuable components, and then turns into miraculous drops of the hydrolate.


Properties of hydrolates for skin:
- cleansing, toning,
- narrowing of pores,
- improvement of complexion,
- skin lightening, reduction of pigmentation,
- smoothing of fine wrinkles,
- removal of irritations and inflammations,
- antikuperoznoe action,
- a bactericidal agent,
- deodorization,
- help with natoptysha, coarse skin,
- treatment of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis.

Tags: al'kitara, gidrolator, distillyator, gidrolat, maslo

DIMENSIONS (in initial configuration)
The amount of steam drum, ml 2300 ml
Volume of the distillation cube, l 5 liters
The diameter of the throat, mm 110 mm
Material Stainless steel
Country of Origin Россия
Warranty of the factory 1 year
The height of the assembly, cm 50 sm
EQUIPMENT (without additional options)
Induction bottom, mm there is
Set of silicone gaskets there is
Silicone hose for collecting the product there is
Thermometer, pcs there is
Cooler there is
Hoses for water supply there is
The faucet’s adapter for the hose there is
Packing box there is
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